An Apple A Day – Day 27


Today was a day of reflection of the journey and thinking back to some of the challenges I had when I began and some of the things I’ve discovered for better or for worse in the last few weeks using this new platform.

I wish I had been more understanding and open-minded about trying Apple but I was a super hardcore Android fan. There are still those nagging things I miss about Android like easier to root or the ability to root at all. SidSideloadings much easier, and the limits imposed on the App store and 3rd party apps was much more open on the Android platform. All that said, a lot of those issues also caused their fair share of issues as well. Non-performant apps increased the danger of malware, constant crashes, long complicated processes to jailbreak. So at the end of the day, I’ve found I’ve been willing to trade off all the hours of tweaking and tuning and all the open tools that are available vs. Apple fairly easy. The one sticking point I still can’t shake almost a month later is the lack of humble bundle for Apple, the inability for Apple to easily allow publishers to manage and distribute keys for apps. For all the ease of use, it is very apparent things are still very paid for everything centric standpoint.

I also scoff at a sad attempt to translate some of my favorite manga to eBook formats. Some manga, even after paying 7 dollars for it,  looked absolutely like someone wrote a conversion tool that didn’t care about image ratio or the fact that mange is read the opposite direction. I was hoping a could dump my whole book collection and move to digital so I could enjoy my books on the plane and anywhere else I may have wanted them. Alas, that’s not wholly possible yet.

Finally, games, not having a streaming platform that’s reliable or an ecosystem past just the app store which is not relegated to blockbuster games and then immediate 50 clones flood the market with different names graphics and slightly modified mechanics (literally just enough to dodge a lawsuit). For me, there’s not a lot of options or opportunities in that area or maybe just maybe Apple is not doing a great job of connecting me to the content I would love or want.

Out of everything I’ve used these devices for, these are the only real gripes I have. Feel free to share your experience or anything you think I may have missed. I look forward to reading your feedback!

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