An Apple A Day – Day 26

Pokemon Go!

Spent most of the day Pokemon hunting with the wife accidentally as we had actually gone out to buy a large amount of copper pipe to build a closet shelving system for her.

The Apple watch experience, as always, was second to none for it’s Pokemon Go companion app that allows you to just walk around and not only get credit for exercise but hatch Pokemon eggs at the same time.


For those of you who are less inclined to play games, I have something for you as well. You can use Siri to do a wide range of things form setting timers for wives who say it’ll only take 30 minutes to creating lists that can be recalled later when you’re at the location and check this item off as you get them. It makes running errands much less complicated. Do a quick Google search for things Siri can do and you’ll find a wealth of information about things you would have never even thought to ask your digital assistant. The secret Siri commands were pretty cool to try as well!


Lastly, for the day I went looking for how to create an eBook in efforts to see how hard it would be to publish an eBook in ePUB3 format. There’s a ton of choices and how to format the book, what type of book, how to make sure it’s split properly. This list goes on and on.  I found this little gem and it did a great job of explaining it in easy to understand terms. I would recommend if you’re looking to publish eBooks or if you just like to make little notebooks that can be ported to any eReader for free you will want to check these out.

That’s it for today, I look forward to what tomorrow holds, remember if you have questions or comments leave them below.

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