An Apple A Day – Day 29

Summit Meeting!

Haven’t really gotten to put my iDevices through the paces on the road so this is exciting to be able to do before the end of the road (in the series) so to speak. I also picked up a couple of things off Amazon to make life a little easier. First, I bought a Lightning cable to Ethernet Adapter. This will keep those pesky wireless issues that happen with new venues at bay and give me an alternative method to connect. Plus it comes with a little built-in blue light so you know when it’s on. Best of all it’s plug and play, no app required. The other was a light but hefty battery pack to recharge my iPad vs. having to deal with the painfully short cord I was given at purchase. Finally, I bought a stand for all my stuff. My wife has a watch and phone charger combo and that thing cost $200. While I’ve pulled no punches for pricing in the past, I really wanted something that could handle my iPhone, AirPods and Watch all at once. Unfortunately, they don’t have a mainstream product to do this (someone quick jump on this idea), so I doled out $35 for this beast. I liked the way it looked but was not thrilled it required three cords as each is its own connection. I was already using three, so I figured this will reduce the clutter and at a price that doesn’t break the bank like Apple products usually do.

UPDATE – 5/25/2018: I’m happy to say after receiving all of these products and using them for about a month, I have had great experiences with them all!!!

So I’m on the open road and I plug my iPhone into the stereo as mentioned in earlier posts and listened to some music over plex and then listened to an audiobook on lean manufacturing techniques in a way even someone nontechnical could understand which I highly recommend to everyone. Once I arrive at my hotel I set up my iPad and knock out a few emails, go out to dinner with some colleagues and come back and hook up my iPad directly to the HDMI input to review a few docs and then watch some Plex. Works like a charm, and bonus no need for the AppleTV. The wired room connection makes it all the much easier with my new network adapter. Finally, it’s lights out and on to tomorrow.

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