An Apple A Day – Day 20

Practicality & Ironing Out Experience Bugs

I started by walking through the experience on iPad with PowerPoint. I wanted to make notes and highlight areas as I gave a presentation and to my surprise just how I thought it would work, I could magically use the pen, draw on my presentation and it even saves my ink overlays if I want. This was yet another very pleasant surprise, but it wasn’t very intuitively presented as an option. However, I am constantly amazed at the thought that goes into the experience of using an iPad and it’s accessories and apps. I haven’t been used to this with Android as everything feels much more makeshift and disconnected. Once again Apple just works.

Next, I have a few GotoMeetings under my belt now and still have a nagging problem of being limited to only 6 webcam live views. In a native app, this gets real frustrating real fast when you have 11 peers with video and you can only see half. I end up having to use a browser which fixed this issue a while back due to many other complaints from their users. Why the native app hasn’t caught up is beyond me. To reiterate, that’s a GTM app issue, not an iPad issue.

Finally, I thought I would wrap up the day with testing out a full-length presentation for my upcoming Azure in the ATL talks. The iPad and AppleTV worked wonderfully as always and the demo went off without a hitch. I can’t help but feel like I’d rather have a “clicker” that cradle this almost 13-inch beast in my arms unless I need to directly interact with the presentation. So I’ll add that to the list of things to research next.

That’s all the time I have tonight leave your comments in the below and I’ll see you again tomorrow for another day of trials by fire.

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