An Apple A Day – Day 19

So This Happened…

Today was a sad and busy one, by starting off with a notice from my favorite AppleTV app

Apparently, they are going out of business and I now will have to migrate all my dashboards I have created to something else. This is a huge pain as I’ve spent quite a while creating a myriad of dashboards from client data to personal dashboards to status update dashboards.

I know I could use PowerBI, but it’s overkill and is a job in itself to get up and running with some data points. I needed something more lightweight and that worked across more devices this time.

Enter Numerics, this folks is the Apple motherload for dashboards. It works for ALL Apple devices (a feat I haven’t found anything else can do), it has tons of integrations, and the app is free! To be transparent, the app is free but if you want to use more than three widgets or certain pro widgets you will need to pony up $9.99/mo. or $99/yr.

While usually, I try to stick to one time payments, I have learned over the last 6 years, that free solutions have all died out with relatively short lifespans in this area of need. The money it costs is well worth it and I was not only able to move all my dashboards I was actually able to use the pre-canned which were better than my coded versions for over 90% of my widgets.

Now I don’t need a server to run all my code that was generating the widgets data before as the integrations as seamless and require nothing but a couple of clicks to set up. The Apple Watch integration is also a very welcome addition and one of the most valuable features in my opinion. All of which adds up to value I am definitely happy to part with $10/mo. to not bother with coding anymore.


On the in-person collaboration front, I’ve noticed a large uptick in the amount I’m using the AppleTV in the office, partly due to our shared meetings and the fact that my peers all mostly use Apple phones and MAC’s. This helps everyone connect and share more easily than passing around an HDMI cord and waiting for things to “sync up”.

Well as Looney Toons say, “That’s All Folks!”. Leave your comments below and I look forward to another fun day discovering with you tomorrow.

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