An Apple A Day – Day 28

Coming to the End of the Beginning of my Journey

Today was fun and interesting as I had to visit the Microsoft office and of course, I’m the only guy with an Apple. I’m asked repeatedly by everyone I encounter the question I always love answering. Why? I take pleasure in every interaction as one who has been on both sides of the fence and can clearly articulate not only your requirements but the benefits and downfalls of both sides. I believe you have a much more productive conversation and those who ask don’t feel like the answer is a superiority conversation.

A Few Things:

I’ve noticed a few things that are definitely a mainstay with Apple, I never had the issue when using Android or Windows.

1. First, oddly enough you have to reboot your Apple devices every few days or they start doing very odd things like not allowing me to send messages on LinkedIn, not rendering sites correctly, apps taking forever to load up or crashing more frequently.

2. I also notice some weird issue with my Apple Watch connectivity that basically notifies me every other day I have number sync setup and is configured for my watch. This seems to send me a text message every since the time I turn my watch on or shortly thereafter. Any ideas as to why would be appreciated.

3. Also, I have had issues of late with my Apple password constantly asking to be entered, at firs tI though my password was compromised the result is the same even after changing my password to a randomly generated 18 character string. Not sure why this happens, but my wife seems to have the same issue but not as frequently, so I’m going to chalk this up to and Apple problem.

Return to Microsoft

I also had some time today to go back and crack open my Surface Pro 3 again and try some of the things I learned from talking to someone at Mircosoft. Some were nice surprises such as the active pen support has gotten better and the app store has a better breadth and depth of software. Other things were still challenging, the Surface Pro is still very prone to overheating, and the integration of services aren’t as tight or intuitive. For example, logging on to something every time I need to do something. The TouchID login for virtually every important app is nice as I don’t have to give password access to everything, I just add my wife’s fingerprints and she can use those apps without remembering 100 passwords for each. The iPad, Watch, and iPhone do not come without their own nuances, but looking back thus far I find myself getting more done and getting things done faster with the exception of a few tasks and for me, that’s what has made all the difference.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, leave them in the comments below! Until tomorrow…

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