An Apple A Day – Day 24

It’s almost go time!


I updated the PowerPoint presentation as if it has been edited in desktop Powerpoint and was unprepared when I was met with having to save it again as iPad PowerPoint. Haven’t quite figured out why this is a problem, but the presentation was negligible and worked the same regardless. I also decided to try out Keynote on the advice of a friend. Keynote didn’t like certain powerpoint presentations and wouldn’t open the files at all, so this option at least for now is a no go. Changing too much the day before is something I’m not too keen on doing if what I have already worked.

Next, I needed to set up some shortcuts to make web access to the pages a single touch. Essentially this is just setting bookmarks for the iPad on these pages but I did have an experience with one link that somehow went wonky and just showed up as blank and I was unable to clean it up, change it or delete it. Even Apple is not without its flaws, even if it is an app flaw. Never been a huge fan of Safari and it doesn’t work well with some things so I decided to download Chrome as well and setup universal bookmarks from my Google login just in case. Worked like a charm and expected, quick and easy.

I have linked the Global Azure Bootcamp event for those interested. Also, take a moment to visit my call to action for Mac Visual Studio parity. With the release of PowerShell 6, there is no reason we cant get PowerShell up and running bundled with Visual Studio for Mac and port over the Azure SDK. For those who use a Mac and want to do Visual Studio deployments to Azure, this would be golden.

Finally, I broke down and bought the Spotlight from Logitech. Was very pleased to see the battery life reported in the same places as everything else! A quick 2-minute charge gave me over 3 hours of use. Can’t beat that with a stick (or another presentation remote).

Well, that’s all the time I have for today! I look forward to hearing from you, leave your comments below and I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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