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Azure Monitor Voice Calling, Coming To A Cell Phone Near You!

Finally, a feature that I have long awaited….. Azure Monitor Voice Call is not in GA!

So for those not familiar with Azure Monitor, there are some really great features that allow for plugging into the monitoring infrastructure to fire certain events. Such as using alerts to trigger automated actions like autoscale, webhooks, emails, or starting an Azure Automation runbook. However, one thing missing I’ve always personally wanted is a voice call to notify me of really critical issues. This makes sense, especially for your “on-call” support staff, who mostly either have assigned phone numbers or an “on call” phone already. What better way to notify them than through a voice call rather than an email?

I’ve been very excited by the notion of voice calls for notifications since using SMS notifications and seeing the power of a simple message and how quickly I could react without having to watch my email like a hawk or wait to be pulled into a bridge call. By moving to voice, we move one step closer to initiating the opportunity to add additional servicing through modules. Imagine a day where you receive a voice call saying your infrastructure is producing 500 errors due to the load and you can be given the option to react directly over the phone via automation or get deeper information directly on the phone to whats causing it or where it’s coming from, without ever having to pop open a laptop or leave a restaurant in the middle of dinner.

If you’re not against a few more frequent calls, you could even setup voice call within an action group as a way to receive alerts and stay up to date even when you’re away from the office or your home, giving you the true flexibility to be anywhere and still be notified at the first sign of trouble.

The good news is you can also jump in and try the GA version now at preview pricing until June 1st. For a little over a penny a call you could be receiving phone calls notifying your support staff of alerts and issues.

Head on over to Microsoft to learn more about Azure Monitoring Voice Calls on the overview and pricing webpages. I’m excited to hear how you’re currently using or plan to use this new feature in Azure Monitoring.

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