An Apple A Day – Day 12

Day 12! More Apps!

Things are getting easier to use and I am getting used to using them. There really is nothing new to report other than I downloaded a few new apps! Oh, and I also tried out a new complication on the Apple Watch. I wonder who came up with the name “complication” and what was the thought process for that. Maybe this will shed some light.

  1. Mr. Robot

Ok, first I love the TV Series Mr. Robot and when I saw this as a game I was instantly drawn to it. Mr. Robot is an interesting cell phone simulation game that starts as you find the cell phone on the ground in a busy area of the city. It makes you feel like your phone is part of the story, and you will regularly get messages and texts from characters from the TV series. You’ll be given a degree of responses to choose from or who and how you want to contact people.

The app will also require interactions outside the app and a degree of movement or passage of time in order to progress the games “story” pulling you deeper into involvement. It beckons you at random times to engage in social engineering activities over text or email. I’ve not found a game that is quite as engaging without being shallow but yet still allows you to pick it up and put it down when it’s convenient for you. Far from the norm of an idle or time management game. I would recommend this game if you like to feel involved in your games not just topically entertained.

Download Here —>         Mr. Robot 

2. Expensify

Another App I got into is Expensify. This app, on the other hand, is a no frills simple and straightforward app that allows you to input manually or scan your expenses for tracking. It’s great for businesses, especially on a budget as it’s features are mostly available for free.

Download Here —->  Expensify


3. Apple Watch & Sleep ++                                                          

So we all experience the grueling unpleasantries of life every now and then and in a few weeks, I will be going in for surgery. I will be having a two time deviated septum and nasal valve collapse fixed. While this doesn’t sound fun I welcome the relief of breathing through my nose. With that said I have been using my Apple Watch to track my sleep. I use the Sleep ++ App. This has been a great tool for knowing how well I am sleeping and other fun facts about yourself during the night.

 Download Here —->    Sleep++

I hope you enjoy the app info. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I look forward to getting back to you.

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