An Apple A Day – Day 4


Hello again! So here I am four days in and I’m sold that the experience is better than anything I’ve had so far with Android.

More Apple Products? 

I checked online and sure enough, I was up for an upgrade on my phone. I thought why not make the conversion complete with my phone. I mean honestly, it’s hard to be using Apple products on the daily and still have an Android in my pocket. If the experience is this good with the iPad, I bet it’s even better adding the phone. Considering I already have iPad Pro, Apple Pen, AirPods, AppleTV, and some HomeKit Automation this seemed like the next natural choice, plus I get the added bonus of using the same stuff as my wife and we can share iCloud storage and purchases so I was sold. Pay once and we both get to enjoy the same apps.

Throughout the phone upgrading process, my wife convinced me that I most decidedly had to have along with all of the new editions the coveted Apple Watch Series 3 to replace my LG Sport Watch as well.

I am not really sure what Apple products are left…

The Set Up

First things first, I needed to set up cellular on my iPad Pro as using my Android as a hotspot to find new Pokémon was getting annoying every time I got into the car. Come on now, you didn’t think this was just for work, did you? Play I must and with cellular activated those Pokémon can be found EVERYWHERE! *Wives across the world simultaneously roll their eyes*

Next, I got my new phone and decided to set it up while I was at the Mexican Resturant sharing a meal with my lovely wife as she taught me about this world I had shunned for so long. Next, she set up and configured my watch then made sure that the phone, watch, and iPad would sync together. Simple and easy is once again par for the course.

*Note: Yes, I who has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry had my wife “set up” my new Apple devices. Sue me.

The Phone + Watch experience and the Activity app is amazing compared to Android and Android OS Watch. I would highly recommend Apple over Android for this experience if you don’t invest in anything else. It’s money well spent, and it hurts to say given my previous 9 years relationship with Android.

Let’s Do Some Digging

I soon got to digging around and searched for some new productivity apps. First up, for development, Continuous was an awesome pic for C# development. Next, Parallels Access wasn’t impressive as I would have hoped on a VPN. It was very slow to respond and the experience visually looked degraded like a 640×480 monitor from 1996.

I’d also like to note, that while not having a mouse was wearing on me. I found the Apple Pen remedied this immediately.

Securing My Investments

To Best Buy I go! Here I picked up the Logitech Slim Combo, as mine was destroyed by Amazon during shipping so I sent it back. Who says brick and mortar is dead?

Finally for the day, I was not allowed to work  on my car with my watch or use my phone for fear it might “get ruined” so I can’t give you any insight into the durability of the phone or watch as a mechanic but I would assume it’s on par with the Android experience which is don’t. I love my wife but sometimes………she keeps me from doing stupid things.

Well, that’s all the time I have for today, I wonder what tomorrow holds… I look forward to hearing any questions you might have or anything you want me to try. Until then…


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