InfoQ – Testing In Production

Measuring Value Realization Through Testing in Production

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It’s a key tenet in DevOps that we shift testing left, doing it as early as we can in the software delivery cycle to optimize quality. We automate it to accelerate flow and to build the foundation for continuous delivery. But it’s an impossible dream that all software pushed to live is defect free, so what are the best patterns for testing in production? And how does ‘shifting right’ provide feedback we can build back into the continuous delivery lifecycle of DevOps?

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InfoQ live - practitioners

Karishma Irani
Product Management Lead @LaunchDarkly

InfoQ live - practitioners

Sean Davis
DevSecOps Advisor @TransUnion

InfoQ live - practitioners

Andreas Prins
Director Engineering Mendix Data Hub @Mendix

InfoQ live - practitioners

Orit Golowinski
Senior Product Manager of the Release Stage @GitLab

InfoQ live - practitioners

Mike Burrows
Founder @Agendashift

Roundtable Moderated by:

InfoQ live - Moderator

Shane Hastie
Director of Community Development @ICAgile