InfoQ – Testing In Production

Measuring Value Realization Through Testing in Production Visit This Link for The Webinar and Content It’s a key tenet in DevOps that we shift testing left, doing it as early as we can in the software delivery cycle to optimize quality. We automate it to accelerate flow and to build the foundation for continuous delivery….

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Tech and Brew – Giving Developers A Voice

Here’s a question for the DevSecOps folks: How do you ensure secure development when security is often seen as the thing slowing projects down? YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE DEVELOPER A VOICE. ☝️ Collect your data of your developers. Preferred languages, projects, pains, etc. ✌️ Correlate the feedback they’ve given with strategic initiatives and give…

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DevSecOps Reference Architecture

Join DJ Schleen, Sonatype, Julie Tsai, Roblox, Sean Davis, Equifax, and Aaron Rinehart, Verica, as they share their battle hardened stories about creating safer software sooner. For your convenience, I have provided links to the a file and PDF version. The file format of the reference architecture can be modified in, Microsoft Visio, or Lucidchart Pro edition, while the PDF…

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