Sr. Transformation Architect, Customer Enablement

Why I Do It

Value Every Interaction

The core of my purpose driven approach is a fanatical passion to drive value from planning to delivery. Everything from bringing the voice of the customer to the forefront of the conversation to internal alignment with business value and IT capability is critical.

Always Learning, Always Growing

A learning organization is a powerful force to be reckoned with. In today's fast paced industry, it's vital that we not only learn, but grow from every interaction. This starts with a learning mindset, continues with reflection on what we learn from those interactions, and ends with action on how we can grow from those experiences.

How Do I Do It?


First, the transformation architect seeks to understand and communicate the why of a digital transformation project, focusing in on clarification and clear action paths that support vision and mission alignment by empowering the most powerful part of the organization, it's people.


The transformation architect works closely with tech teams and stakeholders to show leadership what options are available. Next, they build agreement and alignment into a unified vision that is worth pursuing.


The next step is to document objectives, create technical and strategic documentation and infuse education into every fiber of the project, allowing smooth execution and modeling the desired outcomes, providing maximum return on value. Then, they create feedback loops to shape how the project will adapt and evolve over time.


Finally, models are handed off to project teams, tech leads, and developers to do what they do best. They organically build and support communications channels between all parties and provide insight and best practices where needed. Lastly, they evangelize the impacts and ensure business value is realized and that learning is captured and consumed for future projects.