Sean Davis

I'm an IT veteran with 20 years of experience covering every realm of IT. Approaching problems with childlike wonder, leveraging a library of skills as a polyglot and solving the unsolvable is my day-to-day. My current primary areas of expertise are around Technical Leadership, DevOps and Agile Coaching, Life Coaching, and Business Transformation.

I love to meet people, share knowledge and help others grow in any way that I can help. I'm a national speaker, active in my community, and always looking for an opportunity to serve others.

What I Do


Making an indelible first impression starts with an equally indelible personality. I connect with people on an authentic level by focusing on a two way learning environment using a servant mindset to ensure maximize learning and growth.

Business Transformation

With battle tested customer-centric approaches, I leverage Product, Agile, DevOps, Lean, and ITSM to streamline business operations and shape a culture of collaboration.

National Speaker

As a subject matter expert on Technical Leadership, Business Transformation, DevOps / DevSecOps and Culture; I speak at various events across the US and in local communities.


From workshops to certification courses, I have over 7 years experience in writing, teaching and facilitating educational sessions in various formats and mediums for clients and individuals alike.